Wormhole — Another Mode of Travel

Wormhole -- Cover art for the third track of the album, Unknown PlanetTheoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler coined the term 'wormhole' in the year 1957. This is an experimental work composed in 2019. The two events seem lightyears apart. But, they both approach the unimaginable. Tripdeion is low on fuel. We need another mode of transportation. So we slip into a wormhole.

Anatomy of a Wormhole

This music takes the concept of 'droning' to another dimension.  For example, the composition stems from a single note played in two consecutive passes on the synthesizer along with a few gongs. As such, all the sounds in the piece stem from this one note (x2). The dramatic dynamics of the piece derive from parameter manipulations over time. The two passes represent the two mouths of a wormhole. The resulting sound fosters a bridge between space and time inside the mind. That's the idea anyway. Here's the music.

Outer/Inner Space Music

Unknown Planet is an album of music for your mind. So there is a lot of dynamic range between the different tracks. There are three completed tracks right now. So, it's an incomplete collection for the moment. This track is a drone, simply because of it's one-note origin. And there is a pulse (no matter how faint or distorted) throughout. The structured chaos and the ebb and flow of energy converge to transport the listener to a new frame of mind.

In Conclusion

Describing avant-garde music is difficult. So, that is for the experts. I enjoy creating music. This album is an adventure for me as well as you. It's a journey of discovery. And it's not finished yet. There will always be more to do but that's where the enjoyment comes from. I  hope you enjoyed your time here. It's been a honor to share my music with you.

Peace and blessings.


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