Voices — The Walls Speak in Tongues

Side B of Electric Rain kicks off with the convoluted strains of Voices. Certainly, it comes as a departure from Side A's melodic presentation. It's the album's the first foray into the realm of schizophrenic auditory hallucination. The album picks the theme up again later in the track Psychosis. In short, this is a dark journey into the realm of mental illness. I have never heard voices so this is just what I imagine after living with people who suffer from the disorder.

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The Making of Voices

It took a couple of long days to lay down the tracks for Voices. Each sound was a new adventure into the realm of my music workstation. For example, the arpeggiators used were meticulously selected through a lengthy series of trial and error. Also, I was looking for a mood that embued both confusion and organization. The goal was to stay away from traditional melody and timing while still keeping a musical feel.

I call my works improvisations because I don't rehearse them. Yes, I spend time programming the sounds. But in the end, each track is a product of the moment. Each materializes from a sort of reckless abandon.  Each is made up as I go along. This is true for all of the tracks on Electric Rain.

Voices -- Crossed Brain SignalsMixed Signals

I have experienced schizophrenia first-hand. I am no expert but I know that walls don't speak.  It's difficult to watch someone suffer from this illness. I have known highly intelligent people who think the devil is talking to them through the TV (well, this could be debatable). I've had deep, intellectual conversations with impacted individuals followed by pure nonsense. I've seen beautiful spirits lost in a maze of illusion.

The music is an attempt to capture these dichotomies. It's a statement of concern and also of compassion. But most of all, it's a beacon of hope.

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