Bipolar Dimensions - Unknown Planet, cover art.
Welcome to the second album by Bipolar Dimensions, Unknown Planet. The concept behind the album is a journey across the Universe. It's a journey to discover a new planet that ends when we arrive back on Earth in an alternate future. There are links to the story and the music below. Enjoy!

Unknown Planet: Side A

Tripdeion -- Cover art for the song on the album Unknown Planet by Bipolar Dimensions


Take this epic sojourn through the cosmos on your way into the realm of the unknown. It's a gentle, spacey start to the album which seeks to transport the imagination through the cosmos on the way to a better place. But what will you find when you get there? Indeed, this is only the beginning.

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Track 2: Sarkathian

The journey continues as we venture past the boundaries of the know Universe and into the realm of Sarkathian. This piece is drone music with a touch of space to it. Everything here is strange. But it all seems to follow some sort of galactic rulebook. As such, time here is very rigid.

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Sarkathian -- Cover art for the second track of the album Unknown Planet
Wormhole -- Cover art for the third track of the album, Unknown Planet

Track 3: Wormhole

The drone continues with Wormhole. But it's more intense and more spacey as we venture deeper into Sarkathian. We've entered the wormhole and no one knows where it will take us. The energy of time closes in. So, we hold on for our lives and embrace the ride.

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Unknown Planet: Side B

Track 4: Course Corrections

As Tripdeion is gripped by the gravity of the wormhole, Captian Sarah is at the helm making course corrections to dodge trapped solar systems and waves of dark matter. The crew is maintaining the plasma drive and I am writing it all down.

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Navigating the wormhole requires many course corrections.
Emergence - New worlds abound in the space beyond the wormhole.

Track 5: Emergence

Finally, Tripdeion's journey comes full circle and the mystery of Sarkathian is revealed. It's a gentle end to a tumultuous adventure.

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