Tripdeion: A Journey through Space and Time

Tripdeion -- Cover art for the song on the album Unknown Planet by Bipolar DimensionsTripdeion is the first track of the new album Unknown Planet. It's a gentle exploration of space that introduces the ever-expanding universe of music to come. But it's just a beginning. One of many possible beginnings. An open door to the many faces of alternative reality. So, here's the music. You can read the rest of the page while listening.


Everything happens in slow motion aboard our spacecraft, Tripdeion. Galaxies drift by as we sail faster than the speed of light through the cosmos. It's a journey to a future beyond the portals of time.


The fabric of space bends around us as we travel through it. We left Earth in search of an unknown planet. But, we take with us our dreams. Each molecule of our being, becoming one with the dark matter around us.

The Making of Tripdeion

Firstly, I wanted a spacey feel to the music. This required creating gentle, relaxing sounds and forgoing any form of timekeeping. Abandoning a time signature and set tempo is rather easy for me. The creation of the sounds is another matter entirely. You see, I am not a natural synth nerd. So, building every sound is like pulling teeth.

Secondly, I wanted adventure. This is tough to do while toning down the piece at the same time. But I think I've accomplished something akin to a journey.

The mixing of this piece was pretty straightforward. If anything, it was about getting the soft tones to come through at a decent volume without loosing their gentle ambiance. I used the car-starting sound in the beginning as a baseline and worked from there.

In short, Unknown Planet seeks to move the mind. That is the journey. That is the destination. Tripdeion is just the first step into the unknown.

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