Sarkathian — The Space Beyond Space

Sarkathian is that space beyond the known Universe. Some call it an alternative Universe. Most certainly, it's existence is highly debated. So this piece of drone music attempts to grasp the mysteries of that space. It offers a glimpse into the order inherent in the chaos. It's a mindset of discovery. But also a journey into the unknown. Here's the music.

The Making of Sarkathian

This piece is the result of two improvised takes. Each with a different underlying sound,  arpeggiator pattern, and various parameter settings/changes. As such, the sequencer layers them in a way that creates a variety of different voices. Also, panning adds to the dimensionality of the piece. I composed and recorded it over the course of an afternoon and evening. But, the mix-down was a real challenge.

Sarkathian -- The reaches beyond outer space.

Journey to the Void

Galaxies drift by as we approach the edge of space. We've searched in vain for a new planet. But we're traveling faster than the speed of light. And we're running out of Universe. Perhaps the next will yield an inhabitable world. We used the last of Earth's rocket fuel to get here. Perhaps we should turn back. But what is there to turn back to? So, we push on.

Unknown Planet has many twist and turns. Sarkathian pulls us to the edge of space where we become a part of the the void's presence. Also, we take on its essence. Finally, we simply become it. There is only so much time to pause and wonder. It's life on the edge for crying out loud. Before you know it, it's over.

In conclusion, there is much to be explored beyond the edge of space and time. We just need a better form of transporting ourselves. I think what we need is a wormhole.

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