Pulse is Bipolar Dimensions first album using virtual modular synthesis.Pulse-A Foray into Virtual Modular Synthesis

Pulse marks a turning point for Bipolar Dimensions. It's an ambient album and the title comes from the gentle, pulsing action of digital sequencers. Modular synthesis can be self-generating. But in this case, there is a lot of knob twisting and cable patching. It's a different way to generate music. And it's a lot of fun! But before I go any farther, here's the music.

Open Water

Open water is a gentle introduction to Pulse. It begins with soft waves of sound and slowly builds and subsides like the open sea. So, I hope you'll find this relaxing in an adventurous sort of way.

Pulse starts off with a gentle piece titled Open Water.
Foggy Day -- Track 2 of Pulse.

Foggy Day

And then we venture into the mysteries of a foggy day. Fog at first touch is gentle. But then it can also be treacherous. Take an adventure into the beauty and intrigue intrinsic in fog.


Modular synthesis has the wonderful quality of having more than one of something to work with. As such, Duality introduces a gentle, ambient canvas produced by duel sequencers. Like all my music, it's experimental and improvised.

Duaality - Duel Sequencers.
The Edge of Time

The Edge of Time

The Edge of Time picks up the pace a bit. And the phrasing becomes a little more melodic and rhythmic. Still, there is a gentleness to the music. So, in this piece, time plods along until it gently fades away.

Dream Space

Dream space is another piece that employs duel sequencers to produce a pulsing mix. But in this case, one sets a gentle pace while the other skips along. Another quiet ride through the dimensions of REM sleep.


Dream Space


So here's another piece composed with two sequencers. And it wraps up the album with soft, yearning pulses and dreamlike overtones. But this is only the beginning of my journey with modular synthesis. I'm just catching up with posting new work to the website. There are three more albums still waiting to be unveiled. More to come. 🙂