Psychosis — The World Inside

Finally, Psychosis wraps up Side B of the album Electric Rain.  The track's musical soundscape seeks to honor those who suffer from this condition. There is a timekeeper for this piece. But the music abandons time and melody. Instead, it ventures into the realm of delusion and hallucination. It is a dark, spacey piece of psychedelia that brings the confusion of Voices to a haunting conclusion. Here's the music.

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The Making of Psychosis

The most challenging mix on the album was Psychosis. So, it took a number of tries to get a good recording. The tracks were where I wanted them. But some of them were too hot, others not enough. Consequently, it took some practice to get it right.

I created Psychosis over the course of a day. But much of that time was spent getting the sound right for each track. Most of my improvisations involve the shaping of sound. However, this one took more than most. I wanted a very spacy feeling to the piece but also with some cohesive elements. As a result, there is a constant ticking and gurgling of water in the background. Meanwhile, the sound effects ignore the tempo. It's a soundscape. Beyond that, I haven't found a definition.

Psychosis Composer -- Richard GrahnReal or Imagined?

I have had my experience with psychosis. That is to say, I've suffered from delusions and grandiose thinking. I didn't experience any symptom though until my late 50's. Suffice to say, many things collided in my life at one time and I lost it. I had a psychotic break. As a result, I thought I could run the world, even made plans to run for President. I was not in my right mind. The State institutionalized me and I lost practically everything.

It's been a long road to recovery. I still think big thoughts. But I think they're grounded in reality. For example, I wanted to build this website for my music. And I have done it.  I wanted to create an album. And I have done it. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I'm confident it will come with music.

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