Emergence — New Dimensions

Tripdeion exits the wormhole battered yet still intact. But its emergence only marks the beginning of a new adventure. So, the search for our unknown planet continues. The plasma drive pulses. The craft gently navigates its way through the new space. And everyone brims with anticipation.

Emergence - New worlds abound in the space beyond the wormhole.Planets are everywhere. Nearby stars shimmer with promise. I make an entry in the log.

"New constellations -- Tripdeion intact -- Captain and crew optimistic -- Deep into Sarkathian -- No turning back."

The making of Emergence

Firstly, the music is two tracks: a spacy, chordal, pulsing drone, and a track of woodblocks. Secondly, these simple tracks rely on subtle manipulations of the sound to achieve movement. As such, it's a quiet divergence from the energetic music preceding it. So it requires a shift in attention. In short, here's the music.

Finding the Unknown planet

Our sensors detect an oxygenated planet. Finally, our search bears fruit. We enter into orbit and begin to scan for signs of life. There are rivers and oceans, mountains and plains. Wait, there are cities and roads. But no signs of life. The geography looks strangely familiar. It can't be! It can't be Earth! But it is.

So, where are all the people? A closer look reveals that the cities are overgrown and crumbling. Something has happened. And no one can explain how we got here after traveling across the Universe and entering another. Was the wormhole a loop? Above all, have we traveled into the future?

I wake up in a tangle of sheets and blankets. Tripdeion vanishes. The realm of Sarkathian collapses in my mind as I stare at the four walls of my bedroom. Finally, the dream has ended. I'm back where I started. My cat jumps up onto the bed. The phone rings and everything is fine.


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