Rem Sequence From Electric Rain

Electric Rain's second track, Rem Sequence, follows Cosmic Dragonfly with a short, pulsing venture into dream space. And because I like free music, here's the video.

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A woman engaged in a Rem Sequence.

A Rem Sequence

Rem sleep isn't a mental disorder but it is an important product of the mind. In a manic phase, for example, it becomes impossible to sleep. As a result, dreaming is suspended. This can lead to psychosis or delusional thinking if left unchecked. Rem sleep is important. This track is about settling into our dreams. Even more so, it is about having the peace to dream.

Electric Rain is an eclectic album for sure. The tracks as a whole are not of a specific genre. This is eccentric. But, given the improvisational nature of the album, is also expected. This track, for example, differs greatly from its predecessor. Its moody overtones shift away from the energetic strains offered up in the first track. In short, its a different animal.

Recording Rem Sequence

I enjoy the process of fleshing out a song. I usually start with a basic "feel" in mind. Then, I start improvising. And it doesn't typically take too long to get into a groove. Each track adds dimension to the song. Probably, the first track offers the greatest challenge. I have to find the right sound. Then it comes down to setting up a tempo, a time signature and other aspects of the recording process. After recording the base track, I can really start to jam. I composed this song in an afternoon.

In conclusion, this song is about finding peace within our dreams. Good mental health starts with good sleep, good nutrition, and good exercise. They say that music is food for the soul. I hope this finds its way into your soul and brings you pleasant dreams.

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