Electronic Music — Cosmic Dragonfly

Here's the first track on the album, Electric Rain by Bipolar Dimensions. It's a lively introduction to this otherwise eclectic collection of electronic music aimed at illuminating the many different sides of mental disorder. Cosmic Dragonfly opens the set with a gentle but somewhat moody arrangement of strings and piano. They portray the lighter, yet still volatile, side of mania.

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Electric Rain and Electronic Music Genres

Electronic music comes in many flavors. Each track on Electric Rain explores a new musical direction. I hesitate to classify each track by genre as some just don't fit any particular genre. Having said that, the music ventures from upbeat and dreamy to ambient and drone, from melody to dissonance, and harmony to noise.

I improvised each track on Electric Rain on a Korg Krome Music Workstation from January to May 2019. My apartment dining room in Evanston, Illinois is my studio. Each track represents one to two days of work. I then recorded it into a Digital Audio Workstation on my computer. From there I mixed and output it to an audio file.

This album represents a labor of love and it's been a long time coming. Seems that my studies of art and music in college some 30+ years ago turned into a worthwhile endeavor.  That and the toil for months in my apartment studio. I thank you all for coming along for the ride.

Finally, it's great to share my music with you and I'd like to make it available for free listening. Therefore, you can enjoy the video above as many times as you like.

Furthermore, if you're interested in reading about the album, you can find a full album description here. But most of all, enjoy!

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