Electric Rain - Electronic Music Album by Bipolar Dimensions

Electric Rain is an album devoted to those who suffer from and struggle with mental illness. That is to say, each track represents a particular state of mind. I am a survivor of bipolar disorder. So this album for me represents the darkness and the light. Above all, it is about the light. So, this album has tracks for ambient lovers, drone enthusiasts, space fanatics, and those who just enjoy avant-garde music. I improvised the works in this album between January and May of 2019. To preview or download the album or single tracks, just click the record icon at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Electric Rain: Side A

Cosmic Dragonfly -- Cover Art

Track 1: Cosmic Dragonfly

Words don't do justice to music, particularly music that isn't easily classified or identified with a particular genre. Cosmic Dragonfly is a light and airy opening to Electric Rain. Also, it's a melodic, musical story with an optimistic flavor and energetic inquisitiveness, a taste of the upside to bipolar disorder. Electronic piano and synth trickle through this piece on a journey of self-discovery.

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Track 2: Rem Sequence

The pulsing waves of Rem Sequence lead off into a dreamy landscape where the mind can flit from scene to scene as the piano and strings gently twist and turn the mood. We all dream. Therefore, this represents the images we all experience regardless of our mental condition or whether or not we remember them after we wake up.

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Rem Sequence - Electric Rain
Serena's Song - Electric Rain

Track 3: Serena's Song

Gentle bells and bows guide this melancholic, sometimes mournful, sometimes wistful, tune. It seeks to portray the various aspects of depression, from hopelessness to yearning, from giving up to not giving in. The light at the end of the tunnel might not be brilliant but there is always light for those who seek it. Hopefully, this music will shed some light.

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Electric Rain: Side B

Track 4: Voices

Voices introduces the darker side of Electric Rain, representing the auditory illusions experienced by sufferers of schizophrenia. And this theme is repeated later in the track Psychosis. Again, the music seems to defy genre. Also, it's spacy, with subtle hints of jazz. In other words, its in its own private little world.

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Voices - Electric Rain
Riot - Electric Rain

Track 5: Riot

Riot introduces the frantic nature of mania. This is high energy drone music with touches of psychedelia. Mania can be put to creative purposes. But it can also be self-destructive. So, I hope the creativity of this piece outweighs the sentiment reflected in the title which describes a manic rampage. Most importantly, music is better than a riot.

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Track 6: Psychosis

Finally, Psychosis picks up where Voices left off. This is a dark ambient soundscape with seemingly disconnected noises that disregard melody and the underlying rhythm. The correlation between this music and psychosis is that they both seem disconnected from reality. But its all real in the imagination of the imaginer. Consequently, I dedicate this track to Sid.

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Psychosis - Electric Rain

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