Course Corrections — Space Driving

Navigating the wormhole requires many course corrections.Tripedion is soaring into the wormhole. As it flies through trapped galaxies, the captain must make course corrections to avoid a catastrophic collision. It's a delicate task. But she is good at what she does. Meanwhile, the crew is busy monitoring the plasma reactor. There isn't much I can do but record it all. There are knobs and gauges everywhere. The drone of the engine mingles with the whirring and whistling of the circuitry. And the planets keep flying by.

Course Corrections -- The Music

Firstly, this is drone music. There are at least two drones vying for attention in the piece. Secondly, there is a spacy aspect which tugs and pulls at the drones. I recorded this in two improvised passes. The dynamic range caused all sorts of havoc in the mixdown process. So, it took about 20 takes to get an acceptable mix. Here's the result.

The Album Progresses

I've been piecing Unknown Planet together and posting as I create the tracks. There's a story here. But it may take a double album to complete it. We've navigated the wormhole deeper into the realm of Sarkathian. It's a foreign space. But a welcome destination. Our search continues for the perfect planet. So the music will mutate to reflect the next phase of that search. Stay tuned. There's more to come.


Bipolar Dimensions was created to advocate on behalf of those who struggle with mental illness. I am one of those people. This album and my other album, Electric Rain are dedicated to my friends and family who have supported me during rough times. I don't know where I'd be without them. Also, I want to dedicate this album to the friends I know who suffer from mental illness. I wish them all the best. I hope my music can be an inspiration for others. It is what I have to give.


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