This category is for information about the forthcoming album Unknown Planet, by Bipolar Dimensions. The album is a work in progress at this point. But tracks are being released as they are produced. Therefore you can listen to them for free via the Band Camp links on this page.

Tripdeion: A Journey through Space and Time

Tripdeion -- Cover art for the song on the album Unknown Planet by Bipolar DimensionsTripdeion is the first track of the new album Unknown Planet. It's a gentle exploration of space that introduces the ever-expanding universe of music to come. But it's just a beginning. One of many possible beginnings. An open door to the many faces of alternative reality. So, here's the music. You can read the rest of the page while listening.


Everything happens in slow motion aboard our spacecraft, Tripdeion. Galaxies drift by as we sail faster than the speed of light through the cosmos. It's a journey to a future beyond the portals of time.


The fabric of space bends around us as we travel through it. We left Earth in search of an unknown planet. But, we take with us our dreams. Each molecule of our being, becoming one with the dark matter around us.

The Making of Tripdeion

Firstly, I wanted a spacey feel to the music. This required creating gentle, relaxing sounds and forgoing any form of timekeeping. Abandoning a time signature and set tempo is rather easy for me. The creation of the sounds is another matter entirely. You see, I am not a natural synth nerd. So, building every sound is like pulling teeth.

Secondly, I wanted adventure. This is tough to do while toning down the piece at the same time. But I think I've accomplished something akin to a journey.

The mixing of this piece was pretty straightforward. If anything, it was about getting the soft tones to come through at a decent volume without loosing their gentle ambiance. I used the car-starting sound in the beginning as a baseline and worked from there.

In short, Unknown Planet seeks to move the mind. That is the journey. That is the destination. Tripdeion is just the first step into the unknown.

Sarkathian — The Space Beyond Space

Sarkathian is that space beyond the known Universe. Some call it an alternative Universe. Most certainly, it's existence is highly debated. So this piece of drone music attempts to grasp the mysteries of that space. It offers a glimpse into the order inherent in the chaos. It's a mindset of discovery. But also a journey into the unknown. Here's the music.

The Making of Sarkathian

This piece is the result of two improvised takes. Each with a different underlying sound,  arpeggiator pattern, and various parameter settings/changes. As such, the sequencer layers them in a way that creates a variety of different voices. Also, panning adds to the dimensionality of the piece. I composed and recorded it over the course of an afternoon and evening. But, the mix-down was a real challenge.

Sarkathian -- The reaches beyond outer space.

Journey to the Void

Galaxies drift by as we approach the edge of space. We've searched in vain for a new planet. But we're traveling faster than the speed of light. And we're running out of Universe. Perhaps the next will yield an inhabitable world. We used the last of Earth's rocket fuel to get here. Perhaps we should turn back. But what is there to turn back to? So, we push on.

Unknown Planet has many twist and turns. Sarkathian pulls us to the edge of space where we become a part of the the void's presence. Also, we take on its essence. Finally, we simply become it. There is only so much time to pause and wonder. It's life on the edge for crying out loud. Before you know it, it's over.

In conclusion, there is much to be explored beyond the edge of space and time. We just need a better form of transporting ourselves. I think what we need is a wormhole.

Wormhole — Another Mode of Travel

Wormhole -- Cover art for the third track of the album, Unknown PlanetTheoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler coined the term 'wormhole' in the year 1957. This is an experimental work composed in 2019. The two events seem lightyears apart. But, they both approach the unimaginable. Tripdeion is low on fuel. We need another mode of transportation. So we slip into a wormhole.

Anatomy of a Wormhole

This music takes the concept of 'droning' to another dimension.  For example, the composition stems from a single note played in two consecutive passes on the synthesizer along with a few gongs. As such, all the sounds in the piece stem from this one note (x2). The dramatic dynamics of the piece derive from parameter manipulations over time. The two passes represent the two mouths of a wormhole. The resulting sound fosters a bridge between space and time inside the mind. That's the idea anyway. Here's the music.

Outer/Inner Space Music

Unknown Planet is an album of music for your mind. So there is a lot of dynamic range between the different tracks. There are three completed tracks right now. So, it's an incomplete collection for the moment. This track is a drone, simply because of it's one-note origin. And there is a pulse (no matter how faint or distorted) throughout. The structured chaos and the ebb and flow of energy converge to transport the listener to a new frame of mind.

In Conclusion

Describing avant-garde music is difficult. So, that is for the experts. I enjoy creating music. This album is an adventure for me as well as you. It's a journey of discovery. And it's not finished yet. There will always be more to do but that's where the enjoyment comes from. I  hope you enjoyed your time here. It's been a honor to share my music with you.

Peace and blessings.


Course Corrections — Space Driving

Navigating the wormhole requires many course corrections.Tripedion is soaring into the wormhole. As it flies through trapped galaxies, the captain must make course corrections to avoid a catastrophic collision. It's a delicate task. But she is good at what she does. Meanwhile, the crew is busy monitoring the plasma reactor. There isn't much I can do but record it all. There are knobs and gauges everywhere. The drone of the engine mingles with the whirring and whistling of the circuitry. And the planets keep flying by.

Course Corrections -- The Music

Firstly, this is drone music. There are at least two drones vying for attention in the piece. Secondly, there is a spacy aspect which tugs and pulls at the drones. I recorded this in two improvised passes. The dynamic range caused all sorts of havoc in the mixdown process. So, it took about 20 takes to get an acceptable mix. Here's the result.

The Album Progresses

I've been piecing Unknown Planet together and posting as I create the tracks. There's a story here. But it may take a double album to complete it. We've navigated the wormhole deeper into the realm of Sarkathian. It's a foreign space. But a welcome destination. Our search continues for the perfect planet. So the music will mutate to reflect the next phase of that search. Stay tuned. There's more to come.


Bipolar Dimensions was created to advocate on behalf of those who struggle with mental illness. I am one of those people. This album and my other album, Electric Rain are dedicated to my friends and family who have supported me during rough times. I don't know where I'd be without them. Also, I want to dedicate this album to the friends I know who suffer from mental illness. I wish them all the best. I hope my music can be an inspiration for others. It is what I have to give.


Emergence — New Dimensions

Tripdeion exits the wormhole battered yet still intact. But its emergence only marks the beginning of a new adventure. So, the search for our unknown planet continues. The plasma drive pulses. The craft gently navigates its way through the new space. And everyone brims with anticipation.

Emergence - New worlds abound in the space beyond the wormhole.Planets are everywhere. Nearby stars shimmer with promise. I make an entry in the log.

"New constellations -- Tripdeion intact -- Captain and crew optimistic -- Deep into Sarkathian -- No turning back."

The making of Emergence

Firstly, the music is two tracks: a spacy, chordal, pulsing drone, and a track of woodblocks. Secondly, these simple tracks rely on subtle manipulations of the sound to achieve movement. As such, it's a quiet divergence from the energetic music preceding it. So it requires a shift in attention. In short, here's the music.

Finding the Unknown planet

Our sensors detect an oxygenated planet. Finally, our search bears fruit. We enter into orbit and begin to scan for signs of life. There are rivers and oceans, mountains and plains. Wait, there are cities and roads. But no signs of life. The geography looks strangely familiar. It can't be! It can't be Earth! But it is.

So, where are all the people? A closer look reveals that the cities are overgrown and crumbling. Something has happened. And no one can explain how we got here after traveling across the Universe and entering another. Was the wormhole a loop? Above all, have we traveled into the future?

I wake up in a tangle of sheets and blankets. Tripdeion vanishes. The realm of Sarkathian collapses in my mind as I stare at the four walls of my bedroom. Finally, the dream has ended. I'm back where I started. My cat jumps up onto the bed. The phone rings and everything is fine.