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So, what's this all about? That's easy. Music--mental health and music. Music makes for good mental health. Therefore, this website is filling up with music. You can find some of this music on YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, and other outlets. But you'll also find it all right here.


Each album or EP in the discography differs musically. But it's all electronic. And it's all improvisational. It's also experimental. But that is where the similarities end. Each has its own character. And each comes with its own mix of styles.  So, this makes it difficult to associate the collection as a whole with any particular genre.  Particularly, when the individual pieces defy simple classification.

And the music keeps evolving. It's yours to define. If you have a strong opinion about the genre of a specific piece, you can always drop a line in the comments section at the bottom of the post.


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